CDIO 2016 in Turku, Finland – June 12-16, 2016

The CDIO™ Initiative is an innovative framework for educating the next generation of engineers. The framework provides students with an education stressing engineering fundamentals set in the context of Conceiving – Designing – Implementing – Operating (CDIO) real-world systems and products. Throughout the world, CDIO Initiative collaborators have adopted CDIO as the framework of their curricular planning and outcome-based assessment.

The CDIO Annual International Conference is the largest meeting of the year and includes presentation of papers and other special seminars, workshops, events and activities. The 12th International CDIO Conference was organized in Turku, Finland, on June 12-16, 2016. This website provides information on the very successful event and its results.

The electronic CDIO 2016 Proceedings book (Full Papers) is available as an Open Access publication here.

The next CDIO Annual International Conference will be arranged in Calgary, Canada, in June 2017.

See you in Calgary!