Social Events

In addition to the topical program, the full registration fee includes light lunches, refreshments and a set of social events. These social events will form an important part of the CDIO 2016 experience and provide opportunities to discuss and network with colleagues from all over the world and, naturally, to enjoy the Finnish hospitality and local culture.

Get-together Event at Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova
12.6.2016 – from 19:00 to 21:00


During the Get-together Event you have the possibility to register yourself, to enjoy something small to eat and to meet the other colleagues who have already arrived at Turku. The registration desk is open from 18:00 to 21:00.

The event takes place in Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, a museum of history and contemporary art, an unique cultural attraction in Turku. The museum is a fascinating combination of old and new that invites the visitor to explore the medieval history and culture of Finland and to reflect upon thought-provoking contemporary art.

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova is centrally located by the river Aura. The museum is from a walking distance from all the conference hotels.

Conference Dinner at Naantalin Kaivohuone

kaivo001_RJThe conference dinner takes place in the old town of the city of Naantali. With its historic facade and traditional appeal, Naantalin Kaivohuone (Naantali Well Room) creates a truly atmospheric venue for dining and entertainment.

Situated right on the harbourside, Kaivohuone’s distinctive clapboard exterior houses a superb bar and a dining area with a sunny terrace. Recent renovations have restored the splendour of a bygone era – the interior in its original rococo style recreates the ambience of the late 19th century. For almost 150 years, Kaivohuone has been a popular destination in Naantali’s characterful old town. While enjoying the conference dinner, you have the opportunity to sense one of the most unique atmospheres in Finland.

Finnish Evening & Sauna Event
15.6.2016 (Separate fee!)

kaivo001_RJFor those who are interested in Finnish nature, culture and cuisine, we offer an opportunity to join a special evening event at Kavalto farm near Turku. This is your possibility to enjoy authentic Finnish nature and culture: taste traditional Finnish dishes, go to the smoke sauna, take a dip in the pond after the steamy session or just sit and listen to the birds sing.

Kavalto Farm is a fully functioning farm situated amid beautiful countryside. Kavalto has a long history dating all the way back to the Middle Ages and interestingly it has remained with the same family since 1687. Currently traditions are upheld by 11th generation owners. The farm’s smoke saunas have received acclaim from the Finnish Smoke Sauna Club.

kaivo001_RJMenu for the dinner: boiled potatoes with dill, mustard herring, archipelago bread with lightly salted whitefish, mushroom salad, fruity bread-cheese salad, old-fashioned egg salad, home-made cheese, glow-fried salmon (warm), chive sauce, rye bread, Karelian pies and egg-butter, and strawberry-cream cake.

The event fee includes transportation from Turku city centre, traditional dinner and the opportunity to enjoy the smoke sauna (towels and shampoos are provided; remember to bring your own swimming suite). There are separate saunas for women and men.

The event fee is 50 euros (not included into the conference fee).