Get ready to CDIO Academy Innovation Camp! Innovation camp is held in Turku 13.-15.6.2016. See the preliminary program here.

Pre-assignments will be published every Friday starting from 29th of April. NOTE! Team division will be done in the innovation camp. Anyway, you can form groups or pairs for preparation period (30.4- 3.6.2016) and share ideas and experiences. You will find other participants’ contact information in Blogs (see the links on the right).

CDIO Academy Weekly Assignments

2016/27/05 – 2016/03/06

Theme for the week 22:


Explore the latest trends and innovations in shipbuilding and maritime industry. You may use internet and other sources. See also a video of shipbuilding by MeyerTurku and visit their webpages.


Think about global megatrends such as sustainability, resources efficiency and green technology. How these are linked to the future of shipbuilding and maritime industry?


What is the change in shipbuilding and maritime industry that you would like to see in the future?

Present your findings in your blog. You may add links, pictures and other visualizations.

2016/20/05 – 2016/27/05

Theme for the week 21:

Blog post 1:
Get information of technologies (Digital services, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Robotics) that could enhance the cruise experience in the future. Present your findings in your blog. Feel free to include links or/and picture or other visualizations of these technologies in your blog post.

Blog post 2:
Select 2-3 most interesting technologies.
Ideate how to utilize these technologies/applications for selected proto-personas from last week’s assignment. Share the ideas in the Blog post 2.

Blog post 3:
Share a story of the most interesting utilization in a storytelling form. Find more information of the method of storytelling in design and innovation in internet.

You can get many more ideas by reading the other blogs!

2016/13/05 – 2016/20/05

Theme for the week 20:

Get acquaintance with Proto-personas e.g. in Proto-personas. Create 4-6 proto-personas of the most promising Future Caribbean cruise passengers/customers. Upload your personas into your blog.

2016/06/05 – 2016/13/05

Theme for the week 19:

Get acquaintance with PEST analysis. You can find information e.g. in this link PEST Analysis. Do the PEST Analysis on the topic “Caribbean cruise business”. Link or upload your analysis into your blog. Feel free to comment other blogs!

2016/29/4 – 2016/06/05



  • Build up a blog for you or together with your team mates. You can do the assignments as an individual task or with pair/team. You can self-decide which blog platform you want to use.
  • Write a short introductory of yourself to the blog.
  • After you are done, inform us ( by giving the link to your blog. This is important! Blog links will be added in www-pages. Blog is used to collect and share information and ideas related to pre-tasks.


  • Choose a book (e-book or physical book) that is linked to your professional development and the task in hand:

“What could make a person to take a cruise in 2025, be happy about it, and to become a frequent cruiser?”

  • Add a link to the book in your blog (Amazon etc.)
  • Google some information about the topic

“ Sustainable Vacations, Leisure Business, High technology

and post links to useful information or studies.

  • See if your mates have found something interesting! See the blog list here and if you want, you can contact your fellow participants to share your inspiration!

 Need for help? Contact

CDIO Student Academy 2016

The CDIO Academy Innovation Competition is held each year at the international CDIO conference. The CDIO Academy Innovation Competition is a student conference within the larger conference with design-implement experiences, and a project exhibit. The CDIO Academy Innovation Competition invites student teams to participate in the conference.

CDIO Academy

The CDIO Academy Innovation Competition is an opportunity for the students that are active at CDIO institution to, meet their peers from higher education programs around the world, and participate in the team based hands on camp. In the CDIO Academy 2016, students have a great opportunity to exhibit their skills when creating solutions to challenging real-world problems.

The main theme for the CDIO Academy Innovation Competition 2016 is sustainability, shipbuilding and future needs of cruise ship passenger.

MeyerTurku, one of the leading European shipbuilding companies, challenge students to discover, define and develop the next breakthrough innovation for cruise ship business:

What could make a person to take a cruise in 2025, be happy about it, and to become a frequent cruiser?”

Sustainability and shipbuilding links to the fields of know-how in Digitalization, Maritime Cluster and Circular Economy. Modern cruise ship building is innovative and demanding business. Innovations are needed to meet the constantly rising demands from cruise ship passengers, but also to meet high environmental standards. New innovations and high technology enable shipyards to build sustainable, long lasting ships with environmental friendly design. All new innovations also need to meet the cost efficiency demands of the highly competitive cruise ship building business.

An enterprise partner, MeyerTurku, will provide for the student teams the latest information in the field of shipbuilding industry.

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Competition Format

The CDIO Academy Innovation Competition is composed of three interconnected phases: 1. Preparation, 2. CDIO Academy Innovation Camp, and 3. Pitching Event and Project Exhibition.

PHASE 1: Preparation & pre-assignments 30.4- 3.6.2016

Preparation period will start 30th of April 2016 when instructions to pre-assignments will be published in CDIO conference webpages. Pre-assignments include individual and group tasks. The aim of pre-assignments is to provide introduction to pre-selected topics and prepare participating students to CDIO Academy Innovation Competition held in context of CDIO conference in June 2016.

Topics for the pre-assignments:

Detailed instructions for the pre-assignments will be published in by 29th of April

Week 18 Sustainable Vacations, Leisure Business, High technology

Week 19 Future trends, wants and needs of the next generation

Week 20 Cruise Vacations, Attractions on Cruise Ships

Week 21 Digital services, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Robotics

Week 22 Shipbuilding

PHASE 2: CDIO Academy Innovation Camp 13.6.-15.6.2016

CDIO Academy innovation competition will be organized as a camp, where student teams develop solution to the given problem or need. Camp is a great way for the students to get hands on design-implement experience while developing a solution with like- minded peers over a three days camp. The students will be mentored by a variety of experts from different fields during the process. Development process will highlight user centered development tools and methods.

PHASE 3: Pitching Event & Project Exhibition 15.6.2016

CDIO Academy will culminate in Pitching Event and Project Exhibition. Student teams will give a pitch of their project and demonstrate the outcome in project exhibition. Outcomes of the projects will be evaluated by the Jury.

Competition Criteria

Following criteria will be used when evaluating the process and outcomes of CDIO Academy Innovation Competition. The project outcome:

  • is relevant to the design project theme
  • demonstrates a design-implement product, process, or system
  • demonstrates two or more phases of the Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate approach
  • has the potential for practical application
  • demonstrates knowledge of the context to which the project applies (technical implementation)
  • provides evidence of effective teamwork
  • shows innovativeness
  • takes account potential business model for the developed prototype/demonstration

The Award

The team project that best meets the selection criteria will be awarded, except the glory and fame, the CDIO Academy Cup; an award to bring home and an engraved plate on the CDIO Cup, kept by the CDIO Office at Chalmers.

CDIO Academy


Registration period is February 1, 2016 – April 17, 2016.

Registration open.

In order to provide excellent CDIO Academy experience, we have limited the total number of participants to 80 (max. 5 participants per university). The grouping will be done in the Innovation camp so the universities can send also single participants. Book your place good time before the registration deadline and secure your place!

Registration fee for the students is 60 (EUR). This registration fee includes:

  • Three free lunches during the Innovation Academy (13th-15th of June)
  • Coffee/tea and snack during the breaks
  • Admission to selected CDIO 2016 conference sessions
  • Conference bag and name badge
  • CDIO Academy program

NOTE: The registration fee does not include accomodation or travelling costs.


A specific number of rooms with special rates are negotiated by the organizer at the Hostel Borea. Hostel Borea is located in Turku in the beautiful and idyll Aura river area next to Turku Castle and Forum Marinum. In Borea the visitors can experience the genuine cruise feeling of the olden times.

  • 2-person cabin 80 (EUR) (40 (EUR) per person)
  • 1-person cabin 50 (EUR)
  • Dormitory 26 (EUR)

The above mentioned rates are per night and include: breakfast, morning sauna and bedlinen. The accommodation must be booked by April 17, 2016!

Booking and enquiry: or Tel. +358 (0)40 8436611
Booking Code: CDIO2016

CDIO Academy